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What is IGAN and what are its aims?

The Acoustic Neuroma Interest Group (IGAN) is a free, non-organised self help group in the form of a "loose confederation", in other words without any legal form, without a charter, without any formal declaration of membership and without any membership fees. IGAN brings people and institutions together from across different countries, who have a common problem – an acoustic neuroma – and who want to do something together voluntarily to find a solution to this problem, under the motto of "helping people to help themselves".

IGAN was founded on 26th July 2007 by Guido Fluri, an entrepreneur in Cham / Switzerland.

Acoustic neuroma patients and their relatives, medical personnel, in short: all those interested in the subject of acoustic neuroma are offered a platform for information and exchanges of experience of acoustic neuroma brain tumours.
The "silent user" can use this platform to find out more through unlimited reading on the thematic pages on the tumour, symptoms, diagnoses, different treatments and even rehabilitation. All forum contributions are available without restrictions.

Active forum members can use the acoustic neuroma forum to ask, answer offer each other emotional support and motivation, and also communicate confidentially.

The aim of the organisation is to further improve the understanding of the acoustic neuroma disease through diverse awareness raising and public relations both with doctors, as well as medical and social institutions. IGAN supports research work in diagnoses and treatment of AN brain tumours.

Acoustic neuroma patients shall find help in the information on the topic-based pages on the homepage and the acoustic neuroma forum to make the right decision on treatment and decide on the right doctor and clinic. A Medical Advisory Board, with highly skilled neurosurgical doctors and ENT surgeons, is available for information, advice and also diagnosis and treatment of ANs.

IGAN has no full-time employees. The comrades-in-arms and activists work from Switzerland and – for the internet sector – from Germany. Mr Fluri finances the administrative work as well as portions of research projects with the clinics involved as a pure humanitarian commitment. All activities and services are carried out without any influence from the medical profession, pharmaceutical industry or authorities and associations.

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