Blood pressure increase after AN surgery

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Blood pressure increase after AN surgery

Post by masonlee » Thu May 04, 2017 7:56 pm


My father was having an acoustic neuroma tumor in his brain and last week the tumor was removed by surgery.

Before the surgery his blood pressure is around 140 but after the surgery his blood pressure increased to around 200 and caused internal bleeding in his brain. After doctor sedeted him, his blood pressure drop to around 120.

Because of the bleeding now he still in coma, doctor unable to wake him up after stop sedeted him and now his blood pressure back to 200 today. My father did not have blood pressure problem before this. Is it normal for blood pressure to increase after brain tumor removal surgery?

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Re: Blood pressure increase after AN surgery

Post by Subri » Fri May 12, 2017 4:17 pm

I am so very sorry to read about this complication. I have to say that I am unaware of the frequency of high blood pressure after acoustic neuroma surgery but can tell you that high blood pressure happened to me. My case wasn't so severe. My high blood pressure has required that I take medicine since having the surgery.
After brain surgery, the doctors administer steroids to control brain swelling. The doses can be quite high. A common side effect of these steroids is high blood pressure. Your father could have had other co-existing problems that led to the bleeding.
I am hoping that he improves and send along my thoughts of support and best wishes.
:) SUBRI IGAN forum Moderator and post resection of left acoustic neuroma with permanent deafness left ear
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