Forum tip 1: Becoming a member – registration and activation

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Forum tip 1: Becoming a member – registration and activation

Post by gfstiftung » Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:07 am

Everyone can read all the posts on the IGAN website forum, without any restrictions or prerequisites.

However, in order to write posts and enter into a dialogue with other forum members, you must become a forum member. This is free of charge!

You can become a member by first registering and then having your account activated.

The registration process is as follows:
Go to the forum's homepage.
Click on "Register" at the top left.
Read and accept the terms and conditions of membership.
Enter a username and password and your e-mail address.
There are a few mandatory details that need to be entered. These are place of residence, country, age and gender.

Some tips on choosing a username and password:

Usernames should not be too complicated.
Why is that?
They should always be used in the public forum – by the user and by all members – both when addressing other users and when signing off. Experience shows that complicated elements, such as underscores, changing upper and lower case, letter/number combinations and the like often lead to shortened forms or real names being used instead, which detracts from the value of the list of members and the search function.
The username is not important for security purposes and can therefore be kept simple and memorable.

You can be more imaginative with your password. However, it is only used to access the forum, enable active participation on it and protect personal, confidential messages. Your password is not necessary to protect your e-mail address. Your e-mail is not identifiable or accessible by anyone except the administrators.

Your account is then activated by the forum moderator.
New members receive a welcome message from the moderator.

Following registration and activation, you then need to log on.
For information on how to do this, see tip 2.
gfstiftung, IGAN Administrator
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