Forum tip 3: Important profile information

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Forum tip 3: Important profile information

Post by gfstiftung » Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:07 am

Upon registration and activation of a new forum member, a profile is created. When registering as a forum member, it is mandatory to enter one's place of residence, country, gender and year of birth.

The mandatory data appears not only in the member profile, but also at the edge of each post that a member submits to the forum.

As we want IGAN to be a community of people with similar concerns, it is useful in terms of exchanging views and ideas, giving and obtaining tips and advice, and establishing one-to-one relationships via PM, if additional information is provided in the profile, so that a more complete picture of the forum member or partner is obtained.
Additional profile details include information about your profession or job, as well as your interests and hobbies.
Additional profile details can also be entered later, after registration.
How can I do this?
Go to the forum homepage and log on.
Click on the "Personal area" at the top right.
Click on "Options" at the top left.
A list of items now appears on the left – Profile – Settings – Edit registration details.
Click on "Profile", then on "Edit profile".
Enter the details for profession/job and interests.

You can round off your profile details by providing a so-called signature. How to create this and why this is useful are explained in tip 4.
gfstiftung, IGAN Administrator
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