Forum tip 4: Creating a signature

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Forum tip 4: Creating a signature

Post by gfstiftung » Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:06 am

It is often useful to get a picture of the person behind the author's name, and to find out what their relationship to acoustic neuroma is and the extent to which their case is similar to your own etc. This is the purpose of a signature.

What should be included in a signature?

A signature should provide a brief description of the forum member, but should not be about your place of residence, profession and possible hobbies. This information is included in the profile data. The signature should contain information related to acoustic neuroma (AN). Readers should be able to make comparisons with their own case. It should show what experience the relevant forum member has with AN, ranging from symptoms, treatment and rehabilitation to life afterwards.

Month/year of diagnosis;
Size and position of the AN;
Treatment (surgery, GK, CK, FSR);
Location of clinic (clinic name is too long) and physician, if sufficient space;
Month/year of treatment;
Rehabilitation location (possibly also month/year; exact clinic name may be too long);
Outcome of treatment (complete resection or residual tumor, numbness or preservation of hearing, facial paralysis, tinnitus,... );
Other special aspects such as length; medical history, exceptional dizziness, headache, CSF fistula, profession limitations, reduction of facial paralysis; secondary illnesses....;
Waiting under observation;
Gender (f or m) and year of birth (this is preferable than entering one's age, as that has to be updated annually) are not essential as they are already included in the profile.

How can I create or edit a signature?
Click on the "Personal area" at the top right of the forum homepage. Then top left on "Options" and then "Profile".
Then click on "Edit signature", which opens the menu window where you can enter up to 255 characters.

Where is the signature displayed?
It may be necessary to make a change in the settings to enable the signature to be displayed: Personal area – Profile – Settings – Edit display options – Show signature – Yes.
The signature is then displayed at the bottom of each post or private message PM that you write, and in your profile data.

Where can I view the profile data of other forum members?
Whenever the "Profile" button is displayed, you can click on it to view the member's profile data. It appears, for example, in the list of members, at the bottom of a post, at the bottom of a PM and in the forum's list of topics.
The signature is also displayed there, if it exists.
gfstiftung, IGAN Administrator
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