Forum tip 5: Confidence in security

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Forum tip 5: Confidence in security

Post by gfstiftung » Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:06 am

The refusal by some forum members to disclose more than the details that are mandatory for registration is usually the result of a fear of data misuse.

What measures does IGAN take in order to prevent the misuse of this data and information?

The actual names of all the members of the forum remain unknown even to the site administrator, moderator and webmaster.
Residential address data, such as postcode and street, are not recorded and therefore remain unknown.

The e-mail address is essential to register as a forum member. However, this can only be seen by people with administration rights.

The exchanging of private messages (see a later tip) in the forum only takes place via the server. Messages are stored there, from where they are accessed and read in the forum.
Notifications of a new private message or post are sent by e-mail (if this option is selected – see tip 2), but that is just because the forum software automatically composes and sends an e-mail. This takes place without anyone having to become aware of or use the e-mail address.
Only in very urgent cases, e.g. if forum members have to be contacted but have not read their private messages for a long time, may an e-mail be sent manually by someone with administrator rights.

The moderator performs checks when new readers register as forum members. He/she checks the mandatory and profile details in terms of their credibility, seriousness and correctness. He/she then activates the user, if applicable, or contacts them in order to clarify and rectify strange or suspicious entries.
With this approach it has already been possible to identify, block and delete a number of troublemakers who, with their use of stupid, provocative or offensive codenames and details, obviously had no interest in taking part in serious exchanges of information and thoughts.

It should be noted in this regard that each member is required to read and accept our usage rules when registering. It is also recommended to read the "Frequently asked questions "" (FAQ), which are available at the top centre of the forum's homepage.

The moderator checks the forum, reads all the new posts, moves them to different categories if necessary, splits topics, renames them and makes small amendments in consultation with the authors. Dubious, offensive or otherwise unacceptable entries are removed where necessary. The authors are informed of this by private message.

The webmaster of course takes all appropriate measures to protect the website and the forum from viruses, hackers and spam.

AN sufferers can have confidence when visiting the IGAN website and forum, and when obtaining and providing advice and information there. Users therefore do not need to hide behind a codeword, but can enter important information in their profile and signature in order to facilitate dialogue with other users.
gfstiftung, IGAN Administrator
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