Acoustic neuroma research

The Acoustic Neuroma Interest Group, IGAN, supports and finances research projects on the subject of Acoustic neuroma (vestibular Schwannoma).

To obtain this articles should be for

  • Improving current acoustic neuroma treatments,
  • retaining the auditory nerve function during treatment, and
  • a high quality of life after treatment.


Gene-expression profiling elucidates molecular signaling networks that can be therapeutically targeted in vestibular schwannoma.

Research report

Supported by Guido Fluri Stiftung

Prospectives and randomised multicentre studies to improve the facial nerve function and the vestibular cochlear nerve after the resection of acoustic neuromas through prophylactic administration of vasoactive medication.

During an acoustic neuroma operation it comes to the inevitable mechanical and other impacts on the nerves, on whose skins the tumour has formed. This can lead to temporary and also long-lasting damages to the facial and auditory nerves. Preventing such damage is the most important goal of an AN operation, along with the complete removal of the tumour.

Led by the Neurosurgical University Hospital of Halle/Saale (Director: Professor Strauss, member of IGAN's Medical Advisory Board) a study is being carried out in six clinics in total (Erlangen, Göttingen, Halle, Tübingen, Ulm/Günzburg and Würzburg) focussing on prophylactic medication for AN patients, in order to improve and help to secure the retaining of functions and a regeneration of these two important cranial nerves.

In the name of IGAN, Mr Fluri supports this project contributing 10,000 Euros.

Results shall be reported on here in due course.

Press release on this research project

As early as August 2008 the support of research works on regeneration of the auditory nerve were being prepared at University Hospital Tübingen.

IGAN's visit to UKT Tübingen, 8th August 2008

On the 1.9.09 Prof. Tatagiba and Mr Fluri agreed that a portion of the planned funds would shortly be assigned.

It focuses on histological investigations of acoustic neuromas that were radiated and later operated on. It aims to clarify whether and to what extent these tumours were genetically altered by the radiation. For this, tumour samples will be examined, which have been collected/frozen over the last few months.

Mr Fluri will increase his financial commitment for research projects.

Focal points (short/medium term):

Preserving the cranial nerves during acoustic neuroma operations. Minimising post-operative impairments and improved progress of such impairments.

New medication can be used to stimulate the nerves during and after the operation. IGAN is considering involvement in this research project.

Quality of life after acoustic neuroma operations. IGAN shall make funds available and research new possibilities with a scientist.

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