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Acoustic neuroma operation videos

Video by the Fulda University Hospital
The following film aims to show the individual steps for removing an acoustic neuroma (AN). The operation takes place together with the ENT clinic and neurosurgical clinic. The patient is sitting for the operation.

The acoustic neuroma is located on the patient's right hand side, both extrameatal and intrameatal. You can see the tumour in the centre of the picture. On the left hand side the cerebullum is being held away by a brain spatula. On the right hand side the petrous bone is located, which is coated with meninges (dura). To begin with the stimulation of the nerve structures takes place, to detect where the nervus facialis (facial nerve) is situated. Then the tumour is removed gradually by the neurosurgeons. Subsequently, the opening of the inner ear canal with a diamond bore is carried out by an ENT surgeon and the removal of the tumour parts, which are still present in the inner ear canal.

The tumour was removed completely. Both the auditory nerve and the facial nerve remained "functional", in other words the hearing ability and facial nerve function were still present after the operation. (Source: Fulda University Hospital)

» Acoustic neuroma operation in teamwork

Video of an AN operation in French
The film is also of interest to non-speakers of French, because it shows a good overview of the operation procedure. At the end the alternative radiotherapy treatment with a gamma knife is shown briefly. Above all, it is good to acknowledge the two-part, so-called collimator – one part fixed into the device, the other part at the upper end of the patient's chair.

» AN operation (in French)

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