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We also recommend that you look at the homepages of the members of IGAN's Medical Advisory Board concerning the information there on acoustic neuromas, brain tumours and skull base surgery.

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Complex model on acoustic neuroma brain tumours

[Hearing results and facial function in otosurgical operated patients with acoustic neuromas. Meeting Abstract, 2007]

[Endoscopic procedures in acoustic neuroma surgery – an article on quality assurance. Meeting Abstracts, 2008]

Radiation therapy for acoustic neuromas

[Overview of the GammaKnife. Gamma Knife Centre, Krefeld]

[Overview of the CyberKnife. European CyberKnife Centre, Munich]

Stereotaktische Strahlentherapie des Akustikusneurinoms. Kurz-Artikel im Ärzteblatt SAH, 2006(?)
[Stereotactic radiation treatment of acoustic neuromas. Short article in the Ärzteblatt SAH, 2006(?)]

Hearing problems and tinnitus with acoustic neuromas

Balance / vertigo and acoustic neuromas

[Information platform on all types of vertigo]

STUDIE: Übelkeit und Schwindel nach Vestibularisschwannom-Operationen. INI Hannover, 2003
[STUDY: Nausea and vertigo after vestibular Schwannoma operations. INI Hannover, 2003]

[STUDY: Diagnostics and treatment of vestibular disorders. Springer, 2007]

STUDIE: Schwindel und Gleichgewichtsstörungen als interdisziplinäre Herausforderung. Schweiz. Neurol. Gesellsch., 2006
[STUDY: Vertigo and balance disorders as an interdisciplinary challenge. Switzerland. Neurol. Gesellsch., 2006]

Facial palsy / facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia and acoustic neuromas

STUDIE: Funktionsstörung des Nervus intermedius nach Akustikus­neurinom­operation. UK Mainz, 2006
[STUDY: Function disorders of the nervus intermedius after acoustic neuroma operations. University Hospital Mainz, 2006]

[Facial paralysis and its treatment. Detailed article from the University Hospital, Cologne]

[Everything about trigeminal neuralgia. Private website, P. Stemer]

Das Netzwerk für Trigeminusneuralgie-Betroffene und deren Angehörigen. Mit Forum und vielen Infokanälen:

Acoustic neuroma with special case neurofibromatosis 2

[Swiss Neurofribromatosis Association]

Rehabilitation after acoustic neuroma operations

[Handbook of rehab and provision facilities in Germany]

General health portals

[NetDoktor – Independent and comprehensive information on health and medicine]

[MedizInfo(R) – Diverse subjects on health – Clinic search and ratings]

[AOK federal association (Ger) the health portal]

Medizinisches Online-Portal der GFMK-Mediengruppe:

[health – Broad-based health network Switzerland]

Aus Österreich: Medizinische Themen auf

[Centres of traditional Chinese medicine in Germany, Switzerland and the USA]

[Osteopathy – Information platform of a practice in Munich]

Doctors' associations concerning acoustic neuroma brain tumours

[German society for neurosurgery]

[German society for neurology]

[German society for ENT medicine, head and throat surgery]

[German society for radiation oncology]

Acoustic neuroma self help/patient associations in other countries

Dissertations on acoustic neuroma

Zur Entwicklung der Akustikusneurinomtherapie - von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart. Diss., Bochum, 2005
[Developing acoustic neuroma treatment – from the beginnings to the present day.]

Funktionelle Ergebnisse des Nervus facialis nach transtemporaler u. translabyrinthärer Resektion von Akustikusneurinomen. Diss., Würzburg, 2004
[Functional results of the nervus facialis after transtemporal and translabyrinthal resection of acoustic neuroma]

Behandlung von Akustikusneurinomen mit Gamma - Knife. Siss., München, 2005
[Treatment of acoustic neuroma with the GammaKnife]

[Examinations for haploinsufficiency in neurofibromatosis type 2 gene.]

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