Acoustic Neuroma - Contact and help

The community concept of IGAN

IGAN is an interest group for those affected and interested parties. It corresponds to a solidarity concept of kindred spirits who are looking for help and to give help if possible, for as many people affected and interested groups possible.

Such a desired wide effect requires publicity and active participation of as many members as possible.

IGAN has not gone down the path of answering questions from patients and interested parties via a hotline, a call centre or full-time employees in individual, private face-to-face contact or by lending an ear. Rather, it focuses on community spirit, solidarity and wide usership of all the available experiences.

IG Akustikusneurinom
Schulhausstrasse 10
6330 Cham

T +41 41 780 51 82
E nfcstc-nrm-brn-tmrrg

IGAN website as an information platform

The thematic pages on IGAN's homepage are an information platform, from which all visitors can acquire basic knowledge about acoustic neuroma brain tumours under the motto of «Helping you to help yourself».

This is the first recommended step! At first the person affected profits only themselves, if he/she (still) remains passive in the community, however he/she also creates the conditions at the same time, to be able to take a second step actively in the exchange of experiences with others.

Specialist Medical Body

Prof. Dr A. Sepehrnia
Hirslanden St. Anna Hospital, Lucerne
Email: skrsphrnhrslndnch

Prof. Dr Marcos Tatagiba
Tübingen University Hospital
Email: mrcsttgbmdn-tbngnd

Both specialist physicians can also be consulted if a second opinion is required for the therapy decision.
In the case of enquiries, it is advisable to make a concise but exhaustive note of the anamnesis (the course of the disease) and to compile all the available findings, in particular the most recent MRI. In which way and when these data should then be made available to the physician is explained at an appointment - usually with the secretary's office.

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